VLT® Soft Starters

A soft starter is an electronic device that regulates the voltage to the motor and this provides a smooth transition from standstill to full speed operation of the application. VLT® Soft Starters all use the principle of phase angle control: Back-to-back coupled thyristors ramp up the motor voltage. In some VLT® Soft Starters, current transformers measure the motor current, providing feedback for starting current control but also for numerous motor and application protection functions.

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Electronic Controls

Whatever your refrigeration solution is, Danfoss has an electronic controller for you.

For commercial refrigeration customers, we offer a complete system for monitoring and optimizing any commercial refrigeration solution, such as for instance glass door merchandisers, air dryers, cold rooms, trucks and trailers.

Are you in food retail and looking for a refrigeration system that will ensure high food quality without compromising energy savings? The Danfoss advanced ADAP-KOOL® range can reduce energy consumption by up to 33 % in refrigeration systems alone.

The heart and soul of the ADAP-KOOL® solution is the intelligent system manager and the unique evaporator and pack controllers. By monitoring every activity in the refrigeration systems and storing the data, the system manager is able to optimise operation to ensure the lowest lifetime costs on the market.

As a totally flexible solution, ADAP-KOOL® features a range of adaptive products that can be configured to meet the exact requirements of your supermarket.

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