Vantex New Generation Batteries

Vantex New Generation is the maintenance–free* solution for stationary industrial backup power installations that require a battery to deliver exceptional performance, while operating for long periods at high ambient temperatures, to provide an optimal TCO (total cost of ownership). Typical applications include the utility and oil and gas industries, switching substations and in other remote locations where access for battery maintenance can be difficult, hazardous and expensive.

* The term “maintenance-free” means that no addition of water is necessary during the service life of the product when operating under Alcad’s recommended conditions.

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LCE/LB Range Batteries

Operating under a wide range of temperatures, the resistance to electrical abuse, long life and low life cycle cost of this battery make it the one of choice for many applications.

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Vantage Range Batteries

Vantage battery packs offer the most cost-effective and reliable source of stored energy for critical industrial and commercial applications.

Vantage, the ultra low maintenance battery is first in line when trouble-free reliability in stored power is required for the most exacting industrial and commercial applications (offshore oil and gas, emergency lighting, fire and security systems, railway signaling, process control, switchgears, telecoms, utilities and photovoltaics).

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XHP Range Batteries

Depend on rugged, high performance, fast recharging, cost saving, extremely reliable and long life XPH batteries for vital engine starting and emergency back-up applications.

XHP range batteries are designed for applications such as vital UPS, engine starting and emergency back-up duties requiring guaranteed power in an instant.

The sintered positive plates, compact plastic bonded negative plates and thin separators make the XHP a highly efficient battery; smaller, lighter and often less costly in high rate applications than lead acid systems.

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Standard Tiered Battery Rack

Easily configured thanks to their modularity, Alcad’s racks accommodate any battery application.

These modular racks designed for easy installation and for use in installations in areas with no seismic activity, are assembled in either stepped or tiered configurations to accommodate any battery in any application.

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