The RF range of fully weather-proofed air cooled condensers is suitable for a wide variety of applications, with a duty range of 26.9kW to 1166kW. These capacities can be achieved both in flat-bed horizontal and vertical configurations. Using the latest innovative design this new generation of condenser can use 12mm tube that reduces cost and refrigerant charge, also the case work has been specifically designed for the optimisation of air flow and increased strength with reduced weight.

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The SM range has been designed to be as versatile as possible, whilst allowing unit selections to be easily made. The following specification pages have been laid out to ease the selection process. Unit sizes and coils have been matched with different fan/ motor combinations to broadly meet two common operating conditions.

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Searle have developed a green life cycle approach to the design and manufacture of refrigeration components. This ensures that in addition to looking as good in use, the units have a worth- while monetary value at the end of their service life. Effectively, Searle have engineered eventual recycling into their products when they are still on the drawing board. Searle offers an expanded range of CO2 unit coolers for commercial and retail refrigeration applications.

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