Soft Care® Bulk

A comprehensive range of economical hand washing products.

Assured quality and choice

Soft Care Bulk provides a choice of high quality personal care products. It consists of standard and premium handwashing creams and specialist antibacterial and disinfectant products. All the products are formulated to provide optimum performance whilst minimising any adverse effects on the skin.

Economy and flexibility

The Soft Care Bulk range includes a stylish dispenser but can be dosed through any bulk system except aluminium. Packed in 2x5L containers the range is aimed at high usage environments where performance and economy are paramount.

Soft Care Star H100

Handwashing cream

Code : 6973000

Pack : 2x5L

Soft Care Plus H400

Handwashing cream with bactericide

Code : 6973060

Pack : 2x5L

Modular Bulk Fill Dispenser

Alcohol hand disinfectant dispenser

Code : 4LR – WWB / JD – AHD

Pack : Single unit

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