Good Sense® 30 Day Air Freshener

Compact design

Compact dispenser ensures easy installation in those hard to reach areas, ie behind a toilet. Easy to use with no complicated programming or training.

Battery free

Lower operating costs, lower vandalism problems. No moving parts ensures trouble-free operation.

Green apple fragrance

Odor counteractants neutralize malodors and fragrance lingers to help reduce customer complaints. Lower operating costs and maintenance-free dispenser.

Lasting performance

30g fragrance per refill controls odors for at least 30 days in typical restrooms (1000m2).


Designed for controlling odors in restrooms. Also works for controlling odors in other areas with adequate airflow.

Good Sense 30 days

Air freshener

Code : 7514100

Pack : 6 x 2pcs

Good Sense 30 Day Dispenser

Dispenser for air care system

Code : 7513886

Pack : Single Unit

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