Diversey’s Premium 80° C

Diversey’s complete solutions help improve the entire laundry operation from sorting to finishing, and from utility usage to linen life management. We start with our unique laundry check to understand your critical needs and benchmark your operation against industry standards. Then we design a fabric care solution that helps meet your needs for outstanding wash performance and reduced operational costs. With our application expertise and technical service plus training programs for your staff, you can be confident that we will implement our solutions with excellence. We continuously enhance the value we deliver by monitoring compliance against your targets for wash performance, operational costs, linen life time and carbon footprint.

  • Delivers superior performance.
  • Drives higher guest satisfaction.
  • Enhances your brand image.
  • Optimizes laundry operation efficiently.
  • Offers fabric care consulting service.

Clax 200 24A1

Booster – industrial soils

Code : 5885207

Pack : 20L

Clax Suspend 13A2

Booster – water hardness

Code : 5885223 / 5876642

Pack : 20L / 200L

Clax Build lite 12A1

Booster – fatty soils and water hardness

Code : 5893485

Pack : 20L

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