Room Care

Room Care ready-to-use (RTU) is a unique globally available all-encompassing solution for guest room maintenance and includes chemicals, tools and methods to cover any room cleaning needs, which also adapted to small housekeeping structure.

The system has superior formulation adapted to deal effectively and safely with all the cleaning and disinfection requirements of housekeeping. It also has easy to recognise product names and color coding.

All Room Care products come with the same “Fresh Linen” signature fragrance designed for the lodging industry. It utilises the O.N.T technology for effective malodour neutralisation and long lasting fragrance.

Room Care range is the solution of choice when combining performance, safety for the user and environmental responsibility.

All our Room Care formulations are compliant with the strictest regulations.

Room Care R1 RTU

Daily toilet cleaner

Code : 7509651

Pack : 6 x 0.75L

Room Care R2 RTU

Hygienic hard surface cleaner

Code : 7509655

Pack : 6 x 0.75L

Room Care R3 RTU

Multi-surface & glass cleaner

Code : 7509658

Pack : 6 x 0.75L

Room Care R4 RTU

Furniture polish

Code : 7509661

Pack : 6 x 0.75L

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